saw - band Back

Owner: HeatSync Labs

Category: Power Tools

Serial: 120141945

Specs: JET 7x12" 3/4-HP hHorizontal / vertical bandsaw

Status/Location: Metal Shop

Donatable: false

Estimated Value: $1500


JET 414459 HVBS-7MW 7x12 inch 3/4-HP Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw

Metal / Wood cutting. Use on slowest speed practical for material. Use water-based lubricant only, not oil.

Warranty registration card sent.

The blade you want will be 93" long and 3/4" wide, for thin materials you want a fine-pitch (always strive for 3-teeth in the cut if possible). I only buy the good blades, so I mail order from one of the big suppliers, MSC, Enco, J&L, etc. I think I used MSC the last time, but these are expensive blades (~$30).
I believe that Enco carries a borderline decent blade for that machine (better than HF, but not a Morse, Starrett or Lenox). I think it's Vermont American or similar, half the cost, half the quality, which may be a good compromise for what you're doing. The saw MAY be able to take a 1/2" blade, I've never tried it myself.
The way to check is to look at the wheels that hold the blade and see if the teeth will extend past the edge of the wheel when the blade is fully seated. If they don't, it won't hurt the saw but it will destroy the kerf of the blade, which may still be OK for your purpose since the blade isn't going to last long anyway.