Cutter - Vinyl Back

Category: Other Equipment


Specs: Model: CP-2500


Donatable: false

Estimated Value: $650


Model: CP-2500
Maximum cutting area: 592mmx35m (23.2inx114. 8ft)
Maximum media width: 610mm (24in)
Coordinate origin: coordinate origin specifiable
Number of cutter/pen: 1
Standard of blade and holder: F2
Material: Calendered self-adhesive vinyl film, fluorescent film, reflective film, paper card or other materials of thickness between 0.05-0.30mm. Up to 0.8mm(0.04in) thick material accepted
Maximum velocity: 800mm/sec
Mechanical resolution: 0.025mm/step
Programmable resolution: 0.05mm/step
Distance accuracy: within 0.15% of distance moved
Repeatability: within 0.02mm
Cutting force: 500g (can be adjusted by panel)
Command sets: Compatible with HP-GL
Interface: Centronics parallel/RS-232 serial(auto interface recognition)
Processor/Memory: Adapt 16 bits DSP technology, 64Mb Memory
Drive: Divisional motor
Lifting and dropping rate: 15times/sec
Acceleration: 4g
Power/consumption: 110v/250v 50-60HZ. 120W(max)
External dimensions: (W*D*H) 950x500x1100 mm 37x19.7x43.3in
Total weight: (main frame, horse) 28kgs(15,13)